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Community Credit Counselling Services of York Region is a not-for-profit and confidential service providing services in York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Debt. Are you facing debt that is overwhelming? Everyone worries about debt. We can find ourselves in the middle of unmanageable debt at some point in our lives. This could be a result of unexpected illness, accident, job loss, a broken relationship, divorce, over reliance on credit cards or circumstances beyond  our control. Even the best laid planning for finances can be derailed.


At Community Credit Counselling our only focus is to get you OUT OF DEBT! With Creditors calling, collection agency calls, more bills than money at the end of the month and the ongoing anxiety of financial hardship our goal is to provide you with a debt management program geared to your income, expenses and elimination of a major source of stress. If you have overwhelming credit card debt, loans and are under financial pressure we can be your first step to financial health.

For over 15 years, Community Credit Counselling Services has been helping people just like you struggling with debt and facing financial hardship. If you are in York Region and the Greater Toronto Area we can help you with your financial and credit card debt through our debt management program.


We assist people who are finding it difficult to manage:

  • Credit card debt

  • Personal loan debt

  • Mortgage debt

  • and other types of consumer debt

Community Credit Counselling our approach has you in mind.

  • Unlike other credit counselling services we work for You not the creditors!
  • We will help reduce your monthly payments.

  • We help eliminate or reduce Your Credit Card and Loan Interest Rates.
  • You will be able to Combine Your Bills into One Low Simple Payment.

  • We will help stop Late or Over the Limit Fees.

  • We will help Settle Your Debts and reduce your total amount owed.


Put a Credit & Debt Specialist on Your Side





Community Credit Counselling is a fully licensed and bonded not-for-profit service.  Our counsellors are fully experienced in helping people and families in the Ontario & Greater Toronto Area ( GTA ) get out of debt.



Stop Collection Calls Now!

Once you register and start the debt reduction service with us we will immediately contact the creditors and collection agencies to stop the collection calls. Community Credit Counselling ...provides debt reduction assistance and counselling. Counselling Services are available online, by telephone, and in person.



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